How to check if the corner sofa bed you love will fit inside your house

It does sound very simple and easy, but before we decide to purchase a corner sofa bed we need to make sure that it will actually fit through our doors and hallway and whatever other obstacles in your house. As much as the living room size, you need to consider the access to your house. How wide and tall is your door? How wide is the corridor? Is there any turns? Do I have a lift If I live on 3rd floor? All this information is needed in order to know if it is possible for the specific model of the corner sofa bed to be placed in room of your choice. If you are struggling with finding this information please give us a call or send us en e-mail. We are more than happy to help. One of our advisors can explain how big are the pieces of the corner sofa you would like to buy and advise if there is enough space to manoeuvre the corner sofa bed inside.