How to choose a corner sofa bed?



  The very first thing you need to consider is the size. A lot of models might look much smaller in the pictures, than they actually are, therefore you need to make sure you have enough room to fit it. Think about the space you have, where you would like your corner sofa to be, make sure it doesn’t block any doors or access to other furniture. Once you have a size of the area where your dream corner sofa will be placed make sure you measure the access to this specific room. How wide the main door is? How wide is the corridor? Is there any turns? All this needs to be taken under consideration while choosing the corner sofa bed you love.

          Please remember that majority of our corner sofa beds come in two or three pieces so let us know, which one you like best – we can then tell you how many pieces it has and how big they are!

        The best part of choosing a corner sofa bed is colours and materials. We offer free material samples so do not hesitate to order them! We have a fairly big selection, so if you cannot find a colour you want, just let us know! Think about your living room and the colours you already have, any accessories and curtains. All this can be replaced, but if you love the current one, make sure that your new corner sofa bed will be matching!